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Why office reinstatement is required and important?

The consequences can be quite unpleasant and costly.

· Office Reinstatement

Office Reinstatement Obligation | Hong Kong

Office reinstatement is stated in the contract terms on the tenancy agreement. If tenants do not reinstate the office back to the agreed status, consequences can involve

- The tenant will NOT be able to get back their security deposit (usually is 2-3 months of the current monthly rental amount)

- As the tenant is in breach of the tenancy agreement, the landlord may take legal action against the tenant, such as filing a case at the Small Claims Tribunal, if the outstanding amount is less than $75,000, or the district court if it is over $75,000. It can affect the business operations and reputation.

Therefore it is recommended to reinstate the premises back to the original status. AGREY provides a one-stop-shop office reinstatement service, contact us for more details: or Visit