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2023 Office Reinstatement Basic Guide

The process of Office reinstatement in Hong Kong

· Office Reinstatement

Agrey specializes in Office Reinstatement in Hong Kong.

Agrey provides a full range of Office Reinstatement services to all kinds of commercial rented premises in Hong Kong. We have extensive experience in reinstatement projects,

from industrial building offices to grade A offices in Central, we have done it all.

The scope of work / reinstatement requirements 

The scope of work or the reinstatement requirements will usually be stated clearly on the lease contract or the reinstatement requirement letter, it is issued by the landlord or building management office. You will need to share this document with your reinstatement contractor, so that they can provide an accurate quotation which covers all the reinstatement works.

What is involved in office reinstatement in Hong Kong?

Each landlord and building will have their own distinctive requirements that need to be met for you to fulfill your contractual obligations. Following these requirements ensures your relationship with the landlord and reputation remains intact. Also avoiding deposit loss and legal liability.

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Office reinstatement project involves ( bare shell condition ) 

  • Removal of all electrical components & data points
  • Removal of all partitions, drywall/gypsum ceiling and raised floors
  • Restoring all fire safety equipment to the original positions
  • Removal of all add-on doors, windows, curtains and blinds
  • Reinstate air conditioning units
  • Removal of all add-on plumbing components
  • Removal of all add-on fire safety components
  • Removal of all furniture items, cubicles and workstations
  • Painting all walls and ceiling to their original colour

How long does it take to reinstate an office back to it original condition?

Each reinstatement project is different and unique. The terms and conditions of each project is different. Therefore you should always be prepared and give your contractor sufficient time for the reinstatement job. For example, it will take 3-6 weeks to find and screen the right reinstatement contractor, understanding the scope of work and approvals. Generally it takes 4-6 weeks to reinstate a 2000sqf - 4000sqf office.The whole reinstatement process, from looking for a contractor to getting the job done, can take up to 10-15 weeks.

Office reinstatement could be a large project 

Believe it or not, do not underestimate the complexity of a reinstatement project. Office reinstatement could be a large project, finding reinstatement contractors that specialize in office reinstatement ensures the project will be completed right the first time, avoiding potential deadline delays and further rental owed to the landlord due to not being able to meet building management / landlord requirements and passing the handover deadline.

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