• About Agrey Office Reinstatement

    Peace of Mind Office Reinstatement And Removal Services

    Agrey is a registered Hong Kong company, with over 15 years of experience in office reinstatement, as well as office renovation. Starting out as a family owned business we grew and developed our client base. We are now a trusted brand, that has served over hundreds of local and international firms.


    We provide a full range of office reinstatement services to all kinds of commercial rented premises in Hong Kong, from industrial building offices to grade A offices in Central, we have done it all.


    All our office reinstatement projects are covered with adequate insurance to provide our customers peace of mind. We also work very closely with landlords and building management to understand their reinstatement requirements and standards to ensure the whole reinstatement process is smooth and efficient. Our clients are always able to get their rental deposit back. This is our value and promise to our clients.


    Additionally, we also provide a full range of Office Design and Build services, for more information please visit - https://www.mjpm.com.hk

  • Office Reinstatement Project Videos

    That is how we reinstate an office back to its original condition!

    Office reinstatement

    Completed project: CWBSP1103-06

    4 weeks + 2 weeks lead time

    6000 sft

    Bare shell condition

    Full reinstatement services

    Office reinstatement

    Completed project: MY2701

    8 weeks


    Bare shell condition

    Full reinstatement services

    Office reinstatement

    Completed project: PT3002

    4 weeks + 2 weeks lead time


    Bare shell condition

    Full reinstatement services 

  • What are the usual

    office reinstatement requirements

    Scope of reinstatement works

    • Removing all glass partitions and gypsum walls
    • Removing all build-in furniture, workstations, racks, cabinets and roller blinds
    • Removing any non standard / damaged false ceiling panels
    • Removing all floor finishes, such as carpets, tiles and vinyls
    • Removing all the wiring, conduit, trunking, water pipes, cables and data points
    • Reinstating ceiling system back to its original condition
    • Reinstating raised floor system back to its original condition
    • Reinstating lighting system back to its original condition
    • Reinstating Air-Conditioning (A.C) system back to its original condition
    • Reinstating Fire Services (F.S) system back to its original condition
    • Repainting the walls to the original colour (2 coats of white emulsion paint)
    • And any minor structural work required by the Building Management Office (BMO) or landlord

  • Office Reinstatement Process

    No job is too small, just give us a call

    On-site Assessment

    Review your reinstatement clause from your tenancy agreement and work with building management and landlord.

    At Your Services

    Our qualified team of well-trained workers and professional project managers get the job done to your satisfaction.

    Get The Job Done

    Manage all disposal wastes and reinstate the premise to its original state in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Organising Office Reinstatement - Who to include

    Office Reinstatement stakeholders:

    The purpose of reinstating your office is to have your full deposit returned to you and the landlord can then lease out the space to another tenant. In order to successfully do this involves working with multiply stakeholders to ensure you meet your contractual obligations while at the same time complying with building management regulations. One thing to note is that building management may not always be your landlord. Your landlord may have certain requirements that need to be met while building management have another set of requirements. It is important to understand these prerequisites by finding an experienced office reinstatement contractor who recognises these essential details, can communicate on your behalf with involved parties and work with selected nominated contractors and sub-contractors to complete the project successfully.


    Main contractor / Builder

    The main contractors are the contractors that you (the tenant) engage with to complete the office reinstatement project. The appointed main contractor / builder communicate with the landlord and building management, co-ordinate with nominated contractors and BMO. They are the project managers that organise different parties to complete the office reinstatement project. As a main contractor its important to build a relationship with the client to understand their needs and to reach expectations.

    Main contractors perform the below works which relies heavily on coordination with building management and nominated contractors. For example, main contractor needs to complete the ceiling work before nominated contractors can start air conditioning work, which all need to meet fit out requirements set by building management. ie. One cannot be completed without the other.


    Nominated Contractors

    A nominated contractor is one that is appointed / recommended by the landlord or building management to carry out a component of the work. This work usually involves the below

    · Mechanical Ventilation Air Conditioner (MVAC)

    · Pump and drainage

    · Fire services

    · Main power Cable / Temporary power supply

    · Public area work


    Its crucial main contractors communicate with nominated contractors to understand their scope of works and costs involved. Set timelines and expectations to meet the tenant’s needs. There are usually multiply nominated contractors although there is only 1 main contractor. Each nominated contractor is specific to 1 aspect of the project hence they each have a small but crucial role to play.



    Building management

    Building management are in charge of hard services usually related to physical and structural components in the building such as fire alarm systems, escalators and lifts. They also provide soft services including cleaning, landscaping, security, maintenance and repairs works to all plant and machinery, service desk technical management and emergency back-up services. When reinstating an office, the main contractor must meet building management standards and regulations. Building management work with the landlord to draft these reinstatement requirements. Building management select the nominated contractors and states the requirements each nominated contractor and main contractor must meet. All main contractors must submit required documents to building management before commencement of the office reinstatement project.



    The landlords for commercial buildings are usually private corporations, investment funds, incorporated owners and government bodies. Their key focus is to lease the premises and when they take the space back, they are looking for the ability of this premises to be leased out in the shortest period of time. To be able to be leased out, the space must be reinstated to its original condition unless the next tenant agrees to take the premises “as is”. In which case, reinstating is not necessary.



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  • How do we save our environment &

    serve our society

    We collaborate with charity organizations and NGO

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Creating a successful business is important, but knowing how to give back to the society, reducing waste and saving the environment is also very important to us.
    At Agrey, we believe in having a sustainable relationship with the society and environment which will lead to a better future for our next generation.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Reinstating your office creates an inevitable amount of construction waste. At Agrey, we do a little bit more to save our planet by doing the following;

    - Donating office furniture and equipment such as tables, chairs, printers, air purifiers, shredders, stationary, thats still in good condition to Charities, Orphanages and Schools.

    - Recycle construction material such as copper, metal and plastic


  • FAQs

    Commonly asked questions

    What do we do?

    We do office reinstatement in all types of commercial premises, such as Commercial Offices, Retail Shops, or any commercial buildings in a rented premises which need to restore after end of lease period in Hong Kong.

    What is the scope of our Office Reinstatement Services?

    Reinstatement include removal/addition of partition, Sprinkler reinstatement, electrical wiring, false ceiling, cabinets, raised floor, and painting to the original color. And we also help to manage and coordinate with building nominated contractors, such as F.S or A.C contractors.

    How do you work with clients?

    We are conscientious in following Good Industrial Practices to ensure that the entire office reinstatement process is trouble-free and efficient.

    Why office reinstatement is required?

    As it is part of the contract terms on the tenancy agreement. If tenants refuse to reinstate the office back to the agreed status, tenants may not be able get back their security deposit, and may also face legal consequences.

    When is the best time to look for an office reinstatement company.

    We would suggest at least 10 weeks before the expiration of the lease, or as soon as you / your company decide not to renew the lease contract. As it really takes time to find the right contractor with reasonable pricing.

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