• We Save Our Environment &

    Serve Our Society

    We collaborate with charity organizations and NGO

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Creating a successful business is important, but knowing how to give back to the society, reducing waste and saving the environment is also very important to us.
    At Agrey, we believe in having a sustainable relationship with the society and environment which will lead to a better future for our next generation.

    Recycling and Reusing to Save Our Planet

    Reinstating your office creates an inevitable amount of construction waste. At Agrey, we do a little bit more to save our planet by doing the following;

    - Donating office furniture and equipment such as tables, chairs, printers, air purifiers, shredders, stationary, that is still in good condition to Charities, Orphanages and Schools.

    - Recycle construction material such as copper, metal and plastic


    Working With Local Schools

    At Agrey, We reach out to local schools and donate as much as we can to save our environment and help the next generation.


    Community Support

    At Agrey, We are here to serve and support our community by helping those in need. We donate to families that are less fortunate.