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Office Reinstatement Cost Saving Tips| Hong Kong

Save Money on your office reinstatement

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Office Reinstatement Cost Saving Tips in Hong Kong | How to save money

At the end of a lease contract reinstating your office to its original condition can be a costly process. This is especially the case if you don’t understand the scope of work that is required, if done incorrectly you could risk forfeiting your deposit and breaching your contractual obligation.

Below are 4 tips to help you cut down on spending and save on costs during your office reinstatement project.


Keep the existing/original ceiling system

Office Reinstatement,  Cost Saving Tips, Keeping original ceiling system

When you are deciding to renovate your office, it’s important to think ahead and know your contract terms. Most contracts will require you to reinstate the office back to its original condition. This includes the ceiling, reinstating your ceiling will be one of the costliest items on your list since the surface area takes up the entire office. During the renovation process, you may be tempted to replace the existing ceiling with gypsum board or have an open ceiling to have an industrial design, however by removing the ceiling panels, you are also removing the structural components.

The structural components and the original ceiling tiles need to be reinstated when you return the premises to the landlord to meet your contractual obligation. If you do decide to remove the ceiling, then try to keep the original ceiling tiles in storage so your contractor does not have to re-purchase them for you when it is time to reinstate them.


Keep the original / existing raised floor system

Office Reinstatement,  Cost Saving Tips, Keeping original raised floor system

Like the ceiling system, reinstating your office floor is also an expensive item as again it takes up the entire surface area of the office. When deciding the design of the office avoid materials such as marble and tiles for your floor. To install these materials it requires alterations to the original raised floor system and using concrete to cement the raised floor and marble /tile together. In order for contractors to reinstate your office they will need to remove the cemented marble/tiles and replace the entire raised floor.

Opt for materials such as carpets that can be easily installed and removed without altering the raised floor. By keeping the original raised floor system, you are cost-saving for the future.


Reserve sufficient time

Office Reinstatement, Reserve sufficient time for Reinstatement Project

Allowing sufficient time for your contractors to work is vital. There are many parties involved in an office reinstatement project. Your main contractor needs to coordinate with building management and nominated contractors to ensure the work is done correctly and the landlord’s requirements are met. Building management usually doesn’t allow work that involves noise or odors to be conducted during office hours, leaving only weekends for work to be completed.

If insufficient time is allocated contractor will need to work in the evening to meet your deadline, and this will incur overtime charges. The best time to reach out to a main contractor is 10 - 15 weeks before the premises need to be returned to the landlord. This allows enough time for screening, the scope of work, quotations and approvals. By providing your contractors with sufficient time to complete the work, you will be avoiding evening charges and any delay in meeting your deadline.

The design of the office layout can play a crucial role in cost savings. Again, having a little foresight can go a long way. Try to select layouts that have open spaces and large collaboration areas. By reducing enclosed offices, there will be less partitions/ walls and doors to remove hence saving your company money and time.


Find the right contractor

Office Reinstatement, The Right Office Reinstatement Contractor

Each building is different and has its own unique set of conditions. If these requirements are not met you will be breaching your contract and your landlord has the right to withhold your deposit. Find a trustworthy contractor that specializes in office reinstatement with a successful track record of deposit return. This will minimize your risk and you will be less likely to have to redo (consequently spending more money) the project due to the failure of delivery of your contractual obligation.


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