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Office Reinstatement Meaning


Be better prepared for your office reinstatement project

· Office Reinstatement

Office Reinstatement definition | Hong Kong

There are many ways to describe office reinstatement - Reinstatement, make good, restoration or return to original condition. Either way, it refers to the process of which you revert the office to a particular condition set out by the landlord when the lease was signed. You will hand back the premises in the agreed conditions set out in the contract.

What does office reinstatement involve? | Hong Kong

Office reinstatement involves:

  • Removal of all partitions, fixtures, carpets, gypsum ceiling, workstations etc.
  • Removal of all electrical , data components & main power cable.
  • Restoring all fire safety equipment to the original positions
  • Restoring all AC equipment to the original positions
  • Restoring the whole Ceiling system which includes ceiling panels, ceiling girds and lights.
  • Restoring the whole raised flooring system.
  • Painting all walls and ceiling to their original colour

To elaborate on a few:

Structural Reinstatement: includes removal of all partitions, ceiling boards, false ceiling, and breaking down of walls, and other elements that were not part of the original building.

Flooring Reinstatement: In some cases the flooring has to be removed and in others the flooring can stay however the carpet, tiles, core flooring, cement need to be removed. This is a case by case basis and depends on the details stated in your contract

Removal of Electrical Components: Electrical wiring is scattered throughout an office as it’s an integral part of an office set-up however during an office reinstatement electrical components need to be removed. Removal of electrical wires, power sockets , distribution board (DB) and/or junction box disconnection, all lighting points, power points, data points, telephone points, as well as cables.

Removal of Fixtures: These include air conditioning, fans, lighting curtains, blinds. Any doors, door frames, windows and soft furnishings added on during you tenancy including all visible mounting brackets and screws will need to be removed. Holes in walls need to be plastered and damaged structural walls need to be repaired to meet landlord requirements.

Removal of Furniture: Office reinstatement involves removing office furniture such as work desks, cubicles, and other office fixtures. Try finding a sustainable reinstatement company who will dispose of these items responsibly. AGREY OFFICE reinstatement prides its self in being a green, sustainable, environmentally friendly company that has connections with many charities throughout HK and globally. With the permission of the tenant, AGREY can help to recycle their furnishing and redistribute them to people in needs such as schools and orphanages.

Painting the walls: Depending on the reinstatement clauses the colour of the walls may need to be reinstated to the original colour.

Office reinstatement is not only about reinstating your space back to its original condition. It’s also about protecting the environment and ensuring the future generation a clean and sustainable earth. At AGREY, we will responsibly dispose of all debris and with the permission of the tenant help to recycle and redistribute items to non-profit organizations.

What you need to know about office reinstatement | Hong Kong

Office Reinstatement Tips - Things to keep in mind

Hidden Costs

Keep in mind some contractors’ quotes might not include items that you assume will be included. Such as

  • Nominated contractor fees (Fire Services & MVAC )
  • Management fees 
  • Reinstatement project deposit / application fee 
  • Plumping fees: Drainage of water pipes
  • Insurance fees: Public Liability & Work Injury Compensation
  • Costs for repairing or replacing original parts: Such as damaged done to original main door or windows.

Building Management Requirements

  • Before starting your reinstatement work, you need to understand BMO requirements
  • Is a permit required to be submitted before starting reinstatement work?
  • How long does it take for the working permit to be approved by the management?
  • Understand BMO working hour restrictions and plan your project accordingly
  • Which part of the reinstatement must be completed by nominated contractors?

Office reinstatement is a large project and finding contractors that specialize in office reinstatement ensures the project will be completed right the first time, avoiding potential deadline delays and further rental owed to the landlord due to no being able to meet BMO and landlord requirements and passing the handover deadline.

If you need any help or need a reinstatement quotation, please feel free to contact us:  or visit our website for more details: