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Does last minute office reinstatement cost more? | Hong Kong office reinstatement 2023

Last minute office reinstatement doesn't necessarily mean it will cost more! | Hong Kong 2023

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Have you left it to the last minute to find a contractor for your office reinstatement project? | Hong Kong 2023

Failure to leave enough time at the end of your lease to complete reinstatement obligations can be costly. Right? Not necessarily. 

Please note:

Proper time management is KEY in reducing office reinstatement costs. However if you have left it to the last minute to find a contractor to reinstate your office, that does NOT mean you envitably have to pay more. Read on. 

Allowing sufficient time for your contractors to work is vital. There are many parties involved in an office reinstatement project. Your main contractor needs to coordinate with building management and nominated contractors to ensure the work is done correctly and the landlord’s requirements are met. Building management usually does not allow work that involves noise or odors to be conducted during office hours, leaving only weekends for work to be completed. If insufficient time is allocated contractor will need to work in the evening to meet the given deadline, this will incur night time charges.

The best time to reach out to a main contractor is 10 - 15 weeks before the premises need to be returned to the landlord. This allows enough time for screening, scope of work, quotations and approvals.

HOWEVER if you have left it to the last minute to find an office reinstatement contractor finding the RIGHT ONE is the single MOST IMPORTANT factor. 

An experienced office reinstatement contractor that has worked with your BMO on previous projects and already understands the buildings office reinstatement requirements and has strong connections with the buildings exisiting nominated contractors will help you to meet your office reinstatement obligations with ease. Since they have already been through this process before your likely to meet your dead line, even if it is only 4-6 weeks away. 

Keep in mind your internal approval processes will need to be quick. 

If you find a office reinstatment contractor that is inexperienced with your building and doesn't understand the requirements in the office reinstatement guidlines you likely won't be able to meet your contractual obligations. It will take your inexperienced contractor time to study the guidlines, reach out to BMO and connect with the correct nominated contractors. Office reinstatment includes more then just the BMO. 

Read here to find who to include in an office reinstatement.

All this will delay the inexperienced office reinstatement contractors from providing an accurate quote for approval.  Consequently, your company will need to pay the penalty for not meeting your deadline or reaching the BMO's reinstatment standards. Alternatively, your office reinstatement contractor will have quoted you the incorrect price as they don't know the nomiated contractors pricing leaving you to pick up the pieaces and a massive hole in your budgdet. 

In conclusion, leaving your office reinstatement to the last minute does not mean its nesscessarliy going to be more expensive IF YOU APPOINT THE RIGHT ONE. Agrey office contracting are reinstatement specialists (check out our previous work here). We have worked with different landlords all over hong kong and don't have any problems reaching tight deadlines. AGREY Office Contracting will help you get your deposit back without any issues. We are proud that each of our clients would recommend us. Click here to read out latest review

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